Innovating Airsoft

There is a lot more to a brand name than just a handful of letters randomly cobbled together. It usually takes a crack team of creative bods along with some blood, sweat and gallons of coffee to come up with a strong brand name that will represent the company and its products well. If you are going to give your respective company an associative brand name – a name that associates with what the product is intended to be – you can’t do things by half. For example, you couldn’t call a cable tv channel “Naughty Nymphs TV”, but then broadcast the World Chess Championships. No, you’d be left with a lot of angry, frustrated subscribers.

So, Airsoft Innovations have obviously laid out all their cards on the table by associating their name with innovative airsoft products. They pulled an Ace with their Tornado Grenade, being the first truly effective airsoft grenade, with a 360 degree coverage. But what else have they got in store for us airsoft fans?

Well, they have recently released their Spoon Kit accessory for the Tornado Grenade. You can see our Installation & Use of the Tornado Spoon Kit video: part 1 & part 2. Also, they will be coming out with a Distraction Device for the Tornado grenade, which you can install on your current Tornado Grenade to offer up different possibilities in games. It emits a 120db sound and is completely re-usable. If you want to use the Tornado as a frag grenade you can switch it back to the frag configuration.

There’s more. Airsoft Innovations recently showed a promo video at the Japan Blackhole show that highlighted some key new products that they will be releasing soon.

1. Impact-triggered grenade:

  • pulling the pin arms the grenade
  • shaking it doesn’t trigger the grenade
  • a drop on the ground will (2′ drop on soft, grassy terrain & only 1″ onto concrete)

2. Tornado Bounding Mine:

  • attachment accessory for the Tornado grenade
  • tripwire-triggered bounding mine
  • propels to 5′ into the air, detonating at 2′.
  • tripwire pull is light (couple of lbs)

3. Launch-able 40mm grenade:

  • finished product will blast 100 bbs out

Check the video out:

So, it’s quite clear to see that Airsoft Innovations haven’t been resting on their laurels – pulling out Ace after Ace with a handful of innovative products. Well, they sure know how to do their own name proud.

FREE Spoon Kit Promo ends on the 31st August 2009 – take advantage of it while you can.