WE L85 Gas Blowback Rifle

A sign of many good things to come for gas blowback enthusiasts, WE is making a gas blowback version of the L85.  This model is much sought after by people living in Queen’s country but the cold weather in Europe means that GBBs generally don’t perform all that well year round (except for those rare hot sunny days).  But it’s a good sign nonetheless that manufacturers are not stopping their innovation!

God Save The Queen!


5 thoughts on “WE L85 Gas Blowback Rifle

  1. it looks epic i hope it works like the real thing so i can practice my drills in between shooting weekends, do you have any idea when it is coming out?

  2. I like the gas blowback guns. And I love the L85 series. But the color combo they have pictured here is ….. wow – ugly. I hope they keep with the matching color (Black and OG) like the real L85 counterpart or else they will loose a lot of L85 fans. I suppose it’s nothing a duracoat firearms paint job wouldn’t fix but it would really suck if this gas blowback didn’t come out of the box in Black and OG.

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