Czech ZB26 Airsoft Gun Sneak Photos

More sneak photos of the upcoming ZB26 below. We had a chance to check out the final version! Estimated timeframe should be sometime early 2011. CNC Aluminum receiver with steel bipod, carry handle, charging handle, magazine dust cover, sights and trigger components. Adjustable hop-up and QD barrel just like the rea…l thing. Can you guess who is the manufacturer? Oh don’t worry – it’ll come in black!


One thought on “Czech ZB26 Airsoft Gun Sneak Photos

  1. Generally speaking, the weapon is well made. Only four details are totally different from original:
    1- the box magazine is much, much smaller than the original, wich is the worst aspect in making the weapon
    2- the barrel is not finned integrally as the original
    3- the butt has no buttplate, as the original
    4- the carying handle is going to the right, not to the left, as the original

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