Attack of the (Chinese) Clones

With the recent arrest of AGM’s boss and A&K ceasing production of airsoft guns – is this the beginning of the end for Chinese-made airsoft guns?

res01 attpic brief

“Shenzhen Customs officers destroy replica guns in the warehouse of its Huizhou anti-smuggling office Thursday. About 2,790 guns and 1,500 kilograms of spare parts were destroyed, Customs officials said Friday. The popularity of field warfare games has contributed to increased demand for replica guns in the domestic market, which has led to an increase in replica gun smuggling cases, officials said. The guns resemble the real thing in color, weight, size and quality, and as such can be used by criminals to threaten victims in robberies and muggings. So far nearly 12,000 smuggled replica guns and spare parts have been seized by the Customs this year.” (from Shenzhen Daily)

EDIT: You can see the original article here:


16 thoughts on “Attack of the (Chinese) Clones

  1. Hi

    I’ve been trhougt the Shenzhen Daily website
    and not a word about this information.

    could you confirm your info ??



  2. what company’s closed?, i hear word that AGM, D-BOYS, AND CYMA have closed, is this true?, will this endanger the future of airsoft? are bigger companys still safe, like tokyo marui, G&G, and classic army?.

  3. the word that you have to check on that SZ news is that its all smuggled… that means no clean papers… so the customs will really confiscate that and aprehened anybody related to it… 🙂

    I’ll wait until December to purchase may AGM GBBR 🙂

    thanks for the news though

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