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WE L85 Gas Blowback Rifle

A sign of many good things to come for gas blowback enthusiasts, WE is making a gas blowback version of the L85.  This model is much sought after by people living in Queen’s country but the cold weather in Europe means that GBBs generally don’t perform all that well year round (except for those rare hot sunny days).  But it’s a good sign nonetheless that manufacturers are not stopping their innovation!

God Save The Queen!

Long awaited P-MAG now available for gas blowback M4 (WA / G&P format)

If most of you are like us, you’ve been waiting for a PMAG for your WA / G&P M4 gas blowback for some time.  Finally, G&P made one and although it’s not made from the same high impact polymer that the real PMAGs are made from (G&P’s version is actually full metal due to the nature of gas blowback magazines).  Still, it surely looks like part and completes your Magpul custom gun!

G&P PMAG for WA / G&P M4 GBB

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